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Vape Vending Machines For Sale

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Nepa Vending ranks as one of the leading providers of vape vending machines in the nation. We sell vape machines for business owners to help them generate additional passive income. Our low-cost vape machines make the perfect solution and can carry products from the top brands to put your business on the spot.

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Guaranteed additional revenue for your venue with zero outlay.

Vending Machines are supplied, installed, maintained and re-stocked free of charge.

We offer the best revenue share available on the market.

Benefits of a
Vape Vending Machines

Business owners should consider several reasons why starting a vape vending machine business makes a wise investment.


The main reason to invest in vape vending machines concerns customer convenience. Regular customers can easily find their vape products without having to switch between multiple stores or having to wait for shipping after buying online. Additionally, vape vending is completely labor-free and costs virtually nothing to run.

More Sales

Think of it from a customer’s perspective—you need to buy some things but also need more equipment for your vapes. If you have a vending machine for vapes at your store, customers will be more likely to go to the place where they can buy what they need, as well as vaping products. This gives customers a larger incentive to visit your location.


Depending on the location and product demand, vending machines for vapes can be rather lucrative. Machines in areas with high foot traffic, a larger population of young people, and high demand for vapes and vaping products can stand to make decent money with relatively little work. The profits practically generate themselves after a certain point!

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Vape vending machines are still in their infancy, so now is the perfect time to invest in this growing trend. The untapped market means you can easily find the ideal spot for a machine to sell products. Finding the right location and packaging products can mean the difference between hundreds and thousands in potential monthly revenue.

The vape industry continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With one of our vending machine options, you can invest in this rapidly growing phenomenon. We will help you choose and install your preferred machine, and we also offer maintenance and re-stocking free of charge. Our revenue share is also higher than other vape vending machine companies on the market.

E-Cigarette Vending Machine
for Your Business

Are you interested in installing a vape vending machine in your store or venue? If so, contact Nepa Vending online or call us at (561) 220-5955 to speak to a company representative!



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