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Discover the smart features of our next-generation digital vending machines.


Age Verification

At the heart of our vending machines is the idea of responsible retailing. A major aspect within this is taking all reasonable steps to negate the risk of underage sales.
To that end, we have partnered with several digital identity and biometric technology companies, utilising the tools they have developed to confirm that every customer who uses a Nepa Vending machine is of legal age.


Touch Interface

Nepa Vending machines utilises the latest generation of projected capacitive touch displays for precise selection and the best customer experience possible. Complex processes impact sales so our interface is designed to make the purchasing process simple and intuitive.
When not in use by a customer, Nepa Vending machine will display product advertising on its large screen attracting the attention of any passer-by, making them aware of the presence of the vending machine and incentivising them to make a purchase.



Nepa Vending machine uses a contactless payment module. With the recent increases in cashless limits in the UK, the need for cash handling is all but eliminated.
Our system allows the use of credit and debit cards as well as digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay and others.



In the post-COVID world that we live in, we are all more aware of hygiene than ever before. Given the nature of a vending machine, it was important to us that Nepa Vending machine adheres to the new social norms regarding hygiene standards.
The screen surface on all Nepa Vending machines are made with a patented, natural, non-toxic sustainable plastic which kills 99.7% of COVID-19 viruses within 5 minutes. The casing of our machines are also treated to provide a complete unit with fully anti-microbial and anti-viral surfaces in order to minimise the possibility of transmission.


Like you, we care about the environment. We offer the latest energy-efficient machines that operate with LED lighting and switch to energy saving mode when not in use. And when our dispensers come to the end of their lives they are 80% recyclable.



We understand that space in retail and leisure environments often come at a premium. As a vending service provider, we have to strike the right balance between the size of the machine and its capacity.
Our smallest and most popular units require less wall space than an A1 poster measuring just 80cm (h) x 55cm (w) holding over 100 units of stock. Our largest machine, designed for venues where space is not a concern and the footfall is extreme can carry cost to 2000 units of stock. In short, we have a Nepa Vending machine for any location and requirement.



Our proprietary remote device management platform allows us to view and manage our vending machines remotely. And if a fault ever occurs, we can remotely diagnose the cause of most faults, allowing the issue to be resolved with less disruption and downtime.
Should an engineer be required, our nationwide team of engineers are able to attend any location in the USA and repair nearly all faults on-site. Should this not be possible, the vending machine is simply swapped with a new one with the faulty machine removed for repair.



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